Devenney Group

Purpose. Process. Solutions.

All healthcare. All the time.

Our 100 percent focus on the healthcare environments gives us a breadth and depth of industry knowledge. Our 60 years of extensive history within the healthcare industry has equipped us to tackle these projects with understanding and care.

We put people first.

We are always thinking about the simple, functional necessities that can make the difference between a good day or a bad day, a simple task or a complicated chore.

“We don’t have the luxury of thinking only in the present. We have the privilege of thinking decades into the future. Our work must live beyond today to support the healthcare of tomorrow.”

Andrew F., Director of design


Alain Beaini

Executive Director

Leslie Brennan

Executive Director

Dudley Campbell

Vice President

Christina Chu


Deeann Cook

Human Resource Director

Kevin Cook

Senior Project Manager

Jeff Dorsey

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Flanigan

Director of Design

Patrick Fate

Project Manager

Dave Hagan

Executive Director of Continuous Improvement

Paul Johnson

Senior Designer

Stephanie Leventhal

Project Architect

Carol Lynn

Director of Planning

Stephen Stack


Eric Ubersax

Executive Director