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Devenney Group has established a close relationship with OSHPD to develop an integrated knowledge of its requirements and how they are applied to projects. We have also worked with their staff on, and are ready to implement, separate submittal systems that contain only specific information. Our history suggests the use of early informal engagements and continuing formal conferences are critical to establishing OSHPD as a part of the project team. Doing so can greatly impact plan check time. We also take special care to include the Inspector of Record in our communication and meeting activities. The IOR’s knowledge of OSHPD regulations and guidelines as they are interpreted locally is an important asset and resource.


We try to keep the project as uncomplicated as possible from the OSHPD reviewer’s point of view, formatting our drawings so that OSHPD information is prominently identified and easily located. We have a record of having few back items, and OSHPD typically returns our deferred approvals 2 weeks ahead of schedule. If possible, we prefer to physically pick up back check documents at OSHPD with a scheduled meeting with the reviewers so that comments can be discussed and clarified and solutions agreed upon immediately.


We have been given many citations from OSHPD, and are proud of being selected by several large national firms to provide peer review of their documents before submission to OSHPD and to “trouble shoot” regulation conflicts.