BIM (Building Information Modeling)
Sustainability / LEED BIM / IPD Services


Our team has embraced the integration of BIM into our projects, providing the client with digital design, visualization, and simulation of real-world project performance. BIM helps to increase efficiency and productivity, while solving business challenges for our client’s competitive advantage. We have experienced the following advantages during our projects:


  • Better coordination
  • Better-quality design and detailing
  • Control of project information
  • Increased ability to manage change
  • More efficient scheduling and reduced construction time
  • Better cost estimates and, ultimately, cost savings


Click below to view a video explaining the BIM process.



Our team takes pride in leading Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) projects supported by the latest software tools and processes. We require our project teams to think outside the box, while providing multiple solutions to match that thinking process. Our clients hire only the best and to be the best we must continuously reinvent current processes create new supporting relationships around the IPD BIM. We have further positioned our abilities as a strong, well-rounded puzzle piece for  IPD teams and projects with a term called “ Team Twine ” - a fully collaborative team combining the use of old/new methods of delivering healthcare design projects.


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